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BabY dragon


Bevin Luna




Based out of Fort Collins, CO with roots in Memphis, TN and Dominican Republic.


Rhythm Guitar, Vox / Bevin Luna
Lead Guitar, Drums, Vox / Gabe Luna
Bass, Vox / Mitch Clark
Drums, Vox / Steve Hartman



Cover photo by Kelley Robinson & individual band photos by Jared Meyer

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Baby Dragon

by Bevin Luna

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Bevin Luna’s new album, Baby Dragon, was released April 7, 2018. This is the sophomore album for Luna who is based out of Fort Collins with roots in Memphis, TN and the Dominican Republic. Luna comes from a family full of musicians and her sound is described as rock and roll soaked in grungy-blues.

Album Credits:

Bevin Luna - Rhythm Guitar, Vox

Gabe Luna - Drums, Lead Guitar, Bass (on tracks 3, 8)

Mitch Clark - Bass

Steve Hartman - Drums (Live shows)

Backing Vox - Staci Foster, Alysia Kraft, Jen Korte, Gabe Luna, & Jared Meyer

Album Artwork by Lindee Zimmer. Additional Album Artwork, Layout & Design by Justin Maul. All Tracks Recorded, Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Jared Meyer at Bridgeway Recording in Fort Collins, CO. Mastered by Jason Livermore at the Blasting Room Studios in Fort Collins, CO. Moon Flower font courtesy of Denise Bentulan. Official Release Date April 7, 2018.

All Rights Reserved.


Attack of the Killer Redheads

by Bevin Luna

Bevin Luna’s album, “Attack of the Killer Redheads” is as rugged, raw, and rare as Bevin Luna herself. The hybrid child of a strong redheaded West Tennessean and a dashing Dominican guitar player, Luna blends musical styles, rocking what has been described as “bluesy power-punk guitar” with poignant vocals that drip with Memphis heat.

The album features seven tracks and fuses her unique sound with the talents of her impressive musician brother, Gabe Luna (Insmuth). Sibling telepathy pans out perfectly for the Lunas, whose styles could not be more complementary had they been born twins. Gabe’s impeccable timing and distinctive blues-rock style on bass and drums keeps it low and real while appealing to rhythmic junkies of all genres. The album also features Ansel Foxley (Patti Fiasco) and his electric-Dobro performance on Seven Yeah that has been proven to cause unstoppable guitar-face and raunchy, full-body air-solos among listeners. Other tracks not-to-be-missed include River, Luna’s newest song, which is performed exclusively by Luna herself with just as much rock and ruckus as a 5-person ensemble, and Tempers & Liquor, the closing track and only acoustic song on the album. It’s just a taste of her next album, which we can only assume will be anything but twinkly.

Album Credits:

released February 16, 2015

All songs written by Bevin Luna

Bevin Luna - Guitar, Vox, Percussion, Bass

Gabe Luna - Drums, Bass

“Attack of the Killer Redheads” was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Darren Radach of Stout Studios in Fort Collins, CO. Smoking hot original artwork for the album was produced by Lynette May and layout arranged by Rachel Ridenour.

All rights reserved.


News & Updates

Salt Magazine Album Review "Baby Dragon"

Bevin Luna’s new album delicately straddles the line between insightful songwriting and full-blown rock & roll in the grand tradition of the Pretenders.  Bevin’s lyrics are layered, able to stand alone or intricately weave together to deliver a balanced, substantial message, The sole instrumental track, “Time Slipping,” takes the listener for a sharp left that could be developed and elaborated on more, but clocks in under 2:30.  “Volatile or Stable” is the highlight of the album filled with gems, a perfect combination of space and substance. Read More...

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Scene Magazine Album Review "Attack of the Killer Redheads"

Simply put, Attack of the Killer Redheads is smooth, solid and straightforward. Bevin Luna, Memphis native, has been involved here in the local music scene for the past decade, making a home for herself throughout venues in Fort Collins and along the Front Range. Luna’s debut album won’t surprise those who are accustomed to her versatility and talented musicianship, as she comfortably transitions between the folky blues, country soul and guitar-driven rock and roll influences one might expect from a Memphis upbringing. From the punk-ish opening track “Our News” to the closing acoustic “Tempers & Liquor” with a dobro infusion throughout “Seven Yeah” (thanks Ansel Foxley), the album is worth its listen. Read More...