Based out of Fort Collins, CO with roots in Memphis, TN and Dominican Republic. Bevin Luna’s guitar- and gut-driven songs package sly intelligence inside a rough-and-rugged sound. Playing various configurations including fronting a four-piece band that combines heavy riffs, punk rhythms, blues accents, and grunge-inspired arrangements with hints of country and folk, she concocts a versatile style she calls “rock and roots.” Her tough yet soul-searching sensibility “straddles the line between insightful songwriting and full-blown rock and roll in the grand tradition of The Pretenders” (Salt Magazine), while her deep, honey voice evokes the heady tones of Grace Slick and articulations of Patti Smith.

Born in Hawaii as a military brat, raised in Memphis by a musical family with Caribbean and Southern roots, Bevin grew up steeped in the influences that compose her distinctive sound. Since joining the Fort Collins music scene over a decade ago, she has performed widely across Northern Colorado, Denver, and Wyoming, including Denver’s Underground Music Showcase (UMS), Colorado Public Radio’s Open Air, KRFC Live, The Fort Collins Music Experiment (FoCoMX), WhatFest, Hodi’s Half Note, The Magic Rat, The Swing Station, The Whiskey, The Hi-Dive, and other notable venues.

Her April 2018 release, Baby Dragon, is a collaboration with Gabe Luna (lead guitar, studio drums, vox) and Mitch Clark (bass, vox) with contributions from prominent Colorado musicians Steve Hartman (The Sickly Hecks), Staci Foster (Whippoorwill), Alysia Kraft (Whippoorwill, The Patti Fiasco), Jen Korte (Jen Korte & The Loss, Ladygang, Dirty Femmes), and Jared Meyer (A.M. Pleasure Assassins, The Sickly Hecks). This release follows her lauded freshman album, Attack of the Killer Redheads.

Band Bio written by Johannah Knudson.

Rhythm Guitar, Vox / Bevin Luna
Lead Guitar, Vox / Richard Christner
Bass, Vox / Justin Maul
Drums, Vox / Morgan Coley / Steve Hartman

Photos by Kelley Robinson.

Bevin Luna_BB Dragon_FC_WEB.jpg

Baby Dragon

by Bevin Luna

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Baby Dragon (2018) made multiple top album polls and playlists including winning album of the year.

Album Credits: Bevin Luna (Rhythm Guitar, Vox). Gabe Luna (Studio Drums, Lead Guitar, Bass tracks 3, 8). Mitch Clark (Bass). Steve Hartman (Live Drums). Backing Vox (Staci Foster, Alysia Kraft, Jen Korte, Gabe Luna, & Jared Meyer). Album Artwork by Lindee Zimmer and Justin Maul. All Tracks Recorded, produced, engineered & mixed by Jared Meyer, Bridgeway Recording. Mastered by Jason Livermore, Blasting Room Studios. Official Release Date April 7, 2018. All Rights Reserved.