Legendary Colorado Record Store Interviews Bevin Luna

Twist & Shout Denver’s epic independent records store highlights and interviews Bevin Luna as one of “our favorite local bands” to see at UMS. Here’s the interview. Original can be found here.

Where and when are you playing at the UMS?

Friday July 26th at The Hornet at 8:00pm
How long has your band been together?

Bevin started playing solo shows in Denver in 2005 and then she's been playing with a rotating cast of characters since then.

What was the first album you purchased?

Devo - Live

What album was your most recent purchase?

Chaka Khan - Self-titled album from 1982

Do you have any advice for new bands?

Tune. Tune often.

Besides your own band- who do you want to see at the UMS?

Because we're music junkies, we'd see it all, Y La Bamba, Dressy Bessy, Cheap Perfume, Bellhoss, Bluebook, Boss Eagle, Brianna Straut, Bison Bone, Lady Gang, The Still Tide, Serpentfoot, Plasma Canvas, Colfax Speed Queen, Don Chicharron, Los Mocochetes, Dust Heart, Extra Gold, Floor Model, Florea, Funk Hunk, Hang Rounders, The Hollow, IzCalli, Jennifer Jane Niceley, Jess Parsons, King Cardinal, Marti & The Dads, Oxeye Daisy, Porlolo, The Savage Blush, Sour Boy, Bitter Girl, Strange Americans, The Trujillo Company, The Velveteers, Vic 'N The Narwals, Wildermiss, Yasi, and Empress Of

Do you have any tips for festival goers?

Live fast, take chances.

What's the best food people can find on Broadway during the festival?

Corn-dogs at Sputnik

Who is your all time favorite Denver band?


If you were behind the counter at Twist and Shout, what three albums would you recommend to our customers?

Joy as an Act of Resistance by IDLES

Plein Caille by Trio Select

I Still Am by Yo Gotti.